Hi there, I'm Agustín 👋

“Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known.” — Carl Sagan

I’m an engineering student and open sourcerer that does a bit of everything, nothing specially well. I’m from Chile 🇨🇱 and I’m currently majoring in Computer Science Engineering 👨‍💻 at UC Chile.

I program mostly in Python and Julia, but I’m constantly learning and toying with new languages, currently Rust. I’m strongly interested in interdisciplinary scientific work, spanning everything from biomedical engineering to metascience.

I’ve been an organizer of March for Science Chile since 2017, and I currently volunteer as a back-end and infrastructure engineer at América Transparente, an NGO working on enabling government transparency throughout Latin America.

💬 Feel free to contact me if you’re looking to collaborate on something!

My pronouns are he/him.