What I'm currently up to

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What is this page?

This page is a list of the things I'm currently doing, following the format laid out by the /now movement.

This page has a dual purpose:

📚 Studying engineering

I’m currently studying Computer Science Engineering at UC Chile.

My current course workload is:

🏛️ América Transparente

I’m working pro bono as the Digital Platforms lead for América Transparente. I’m currently trying to unifying the infrastructure behind two of our platforms, Reguleque and Dueños Directos to cut some costs and make it all more maintainable.

👉 I recently gave a 3-minute talk about my work at JuliaCon 2022.

🤚 Altruismo Efectivo UC

I’m helping to set up an Effective Altruism chapter at UC Chile. We are now participating in some extremely cool workshops for university chapters and organizing some talks for the near future, stay tuned.


I’m currently working as the co-coordinator of the Telemetry, Tracking and Control team of EDAE, a model rocketry initiative at UC Chile.

So far we’re just getting started, so we’ve organized a couple workshops on C and C++, and I’m currently preparing an Embedded Rust workshop.

👾 Open Source UC

I’m lending a hand in restructuring the community behind Open Source UC. We’re trying to get more people actively involved, and we think we need to make significant changes in governance and identity for that to happen.

💡 Proposals

I’m currently working in two proposals for UC’s School of Engineering, as part of my work for the Academic Councillor’s office:

🚆 Random stuff